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CHIP Physical Therapy, LLC

achieve a life of  health & Wholeness

Now Available for Physical Therapy, Wellness Coaching, Massage, and Yoga

have you struggled to maintain healthy habits for a
long duration?

At CHIP Physical Therapy

we will assist you on a journey of creating habits

and improving your performance. 

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the value of working with us

Greater than 30 years of experience to guide you to your best self.


We listen and care about your improvement and success.


We focus on a hands-on approach to wellness.


We provide recommendations that fit into your busy life.


How I Can Help You?

Wellness Coaching

Sessions that help you create a life of health and wholeness.

Physical Therapy

Develop and implement a plan to
maximize function.


Develop flexibility, strength, and balance through PT led yoga classes.


Improve physical and mental well-being with massage.



Vicki Griner

I always thought of yoga as a fitness class beyond my abilities. On a whim, I decided to give it a try.  Yoga has not only improved my flexibility and balance but also has taught me to be mindful of my own health needs and changed my lifestyle. If it were not for the comfortable atmosphere and knowledge that Debi provides, I would never have expected to still be enjoying this class 3 years later.

Debi Flanders

I have been one of Debi Fritz’s physical therapy patients on several occasions. Without fail, she has been professional and comprehensive in her approach. She has answered my barrage of questions thoroughly and in terms, I could understand. Debi’s been my physical and emotional therapist through some challenging times. She possesses many positive attributes: she is sympathetic and at the same time she has expectations for her patients, she encourages and elicits the desire to achieve those goals, she is genuine and speaks “to” me not “at” me, and she celebrates the successes with me. I would recommend Debi Fritz to all my family and friends. She tells me each time I have been her patient that “she likes a good challenge".

Chris Ridenour

I started doing yoga with Debi years ago after our local Curves closed down, and have been going regularly ever since. I feel it's helped me with flexibility, core strength, and balance. It's also taught me that things we do daily, such as our posture when we sit or stand, can really impact our physical well-being in good or bad ways. Debi is wonderful at explaining all this, what each pose is meant to work on, and modifying poses if someone has  physical limitations. She is also good at introducing new poses to challenge us. In addition to all these benefits, we also laugh a lot during class and really enjoy the friendships we've made there. We leave feeling more relaxed and with a more positive outlook, no matter how we were feeling before we came to class.

Kate Huffman

Deb’s yoga classes are special to me because she comes at it from her physical therapy perspective and that really makes a huge difference when you are older with issues of health. She adjusts the postures so you don’t hurt yourself and I really appreciate that. It is a joy to be able to do yoga, I always feel so much better after class. I recommend her classes to anyone wanting to improve their overall wellbeing, and the classes are fun!

Bridget Hollingsworth

Debi's massages are very relaxing. I come away feeling like a new person. Not only does she focus on problem areas, she gives me ideas on how I can continue making progress in between sessions.

Judy Peterson

Debi is a gift!!  I receive a monthly massage from Debi, which not only rejuvenates my body, but also my soul,  She is so compassionate in her care, which includes not only a massage,  but words of encouragement, to help me journey toward the wholeness in my health I want to achieve. Debi uses her physical therapy background to truly release the tension in my body.  I leave feeling relaxed, cared for and most of all grateful for Debi!

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